Theology From Below


Here are some links to other sites which also offer free theological books, sermons, and other documents.

In my opinion, the best resource for studying the Bible, theology, and related subjects is the Logos Bible Software system. It's not free, but it does have a free Basic System which includes 40 free books. Once you have that, you can build upon it as you see fit. To download the free system go to:


The following links are intended to help you find more free theological books. While I've found useful items at each of these sites, I've also found some items which were of questionable value at some of these sites. Explore carefully for yourself. Just because a site appears on this list, that doesn't mean I endorse everything found on that site.

Bibliotheca Augustana

Calvin College

David T. Williams

Desiring God

Early Church Fathers

Ethereal Library

Global Christians

Gospel Coalition

Gospel Translations

Grace Online Library

His by Grace

John Bunyan

Jonathan Edwards Center

Making of America


Mountain Retreat

North American Patristics

Online Christian Library

Open the Bible

Princeton Theological Seminary

Project Wittenberg

Theology e-books

Truett Seminary

Westminster Theological Seminary

And here are some links to sites which have even more links.

Free Puritan Books

Fuller Theological Seminary

For multiple versions of the Bible in various languages, along with an excellent Bible search mechanism and other tools, see:

And, here is the C. H. Spurgeon Center:

C. H. Spurgeon Center

The internet is a volatile place. Links come and go with wild abandon. If you find any of these links to be broken, please let me know.


M. David Johnson